How to Quickly Hide Open Applications in Windows 10

We cannot always use a computer in private. At work, for example, someone can go behind and see what we do. And at home, maybe the same thing happens to us. But fortunately, there are some tricks to take care of our privacy. For example, there is a way to quickly hide any app opened in Windows 10. Thus, even if they pass behind, in an instant we can hide what we were seeing or doing.

All computers with Windows 10 operating system, precisely because of the features of this software, have a native function to close apps quickly. This obviously serves to hide open programs. And it is, in fact, exactly the same as clicking with the left mouse click in the upper right corner, on the  ‘x’ , to close a program. The particularity is that it is done with a  keyboard shortcut.

How to quickly hide applications in windows 10

The native keyboard shortcut of the operating system is  Alt + F4. When you press these two keys, any program that is in the foreground closes. It is something that only works with an application that we are using at that time, but it is really what most users need. The problem is in programs that require confirmation, for example, to save changes to a file. Because this keyboard shortcut closes the program, but it cannot force the closing and therefore this alert and confirmation step will not be skipped.

For that, we have a solution. A small program called  SuperF4 and that will create a very similar new keyboard shortcut on the computer. The new shortcut will be  Ctrl + Alt + F4 and having this program installed we can force the applications to close. That is, with this utility, yes, when you press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F4, we will close any application in the foreground yes or yes.

It will no longer matter if you have to save changes to a file, or not because SuperF4 skips that confirmation step. Therefore, we can hide Windows 10 apps quickly and at any time. The only problem is that, if there was indeed something to be saved by that program, we will most likely lose it. Unless, for the operation of the program, there is a periodic security guard and we can rescue it by reopening it later.

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