How to Turn Off Roku Express Stream Device [Complete Guide]

No one can deny that Roku devices have become immensely popular, especially in the last decade. Its user-friendliness, simple interface, and straightforward functions make it preferable among desired users. However, people often wonder whether there is any way to turn off the Roku express. Do you have any knowledge on how to turn off Roku express without taking any professional service?

Though there is no power switch for the latest and older versioned Roku devices to turn off Roku express, you can still turn it off. Wondering how to do it? Right? No worries, all you need just to read the whole article to find the trick about how to turn off Roku express. Let’s jump in!

How to Turn Off Roku Express

Currently, more than 27 million people are using Roku devices. This digital platform sells a wide variety of streaming devices. They have their own streaming servers, which enable them to grab more customers like Amazon Fire TV, Google’s Chromecast, and Apple TV.

The ecosystem of Roku devices is relatively different from other devices. They are low-power devices, which will continuously be operated without giving any break. Plus, Roku devices often need to be updated the software; that’s why you need to keep the internet connection on.

You can implement numerous ways to turn off Roku express based on the Roku device you are using. Roku introduces a wide array of devices over the years, and they function differently, too.

How To Turn Off Roku Express With Remote?

  • It is not necessary to switch off Roku Express using the remote.
  • When you switch off the TV, you will notice the streaming device will also be automatically turned off.
  • However, if the power of the television is on, the streaming devices restart to obtain all the functions.
  • You can use an AC adapter to switch on the streaming device if you notice the USB port is not functioning appropriately or the device is lacking a power supply.
  • As long as the AC adapter is connected to the power source, the streaming device will be active.
  • If you want to switch off the device, kindly plugged out the AC adapter from the power source.

How to turn off USB-powered Roku players?

Some Roku devices come with a USB port to power them, like the Roku PREMIERE series, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streambar 9102, Roku Ultra 4800, etc.

If you are using one of these devices, you have no reason to stress yourself for turning them off. Its USB port is the primary function, which helps the device to power them on.

When you switch off the Television, the Roku device will be systematically powered off without any command. Though this function is energy efficient, you need to restart the device every time whenever you switch ON the Television.

How to Turn Off Roku Express Plus?

It is not possible to switch off a Roku Express Plus device as there is no physical power switch for it. The reason behind the no power button is that this device requires regular software updates. The process works in an automatic function when you keep on the device without disrupting your usage of the unit. However, you can turn off Roku Express plus using the Home button of the remote.

  • First of all, visit the options of the remote and select Settings options.
  • Then choose the Power icon and after that, select the Auto Power OFF button.
  • Your Roku device will now be automatically switched off if there is no activity after half an hour.
  • Also, you can instantly turn off the device by choosing the Power Off settings option.
  • Alternatively, you can use the connector strip with a button and connect it to your Roku device and turn off the device by pushing the power strip’s power button.

How Do I Turn Off Roku Express?

As there is no power button for Roku Express 2018, the best method you can apply to turn off the device is disconnecting the power cable or USB from the power supply.

If you have surge protection, you don’t need to unplug the line cord. Instead, you can directly switch it off using the physical switch button.

If the Roku device is connected through a USB cable, the Roku device will be turned off automatically when you turn off the Television.

How to turn off a Roku TV?

As we have already mentioned, if you have a Roku Television, the only possible method you can use to turn off your Roku device is to turn off the Television. However, some extra powers saving features are still there to use. Follow the instructions:

Settings System power Auto power Savings

There are several options you will notice, which you can select depend on users’ preferences.

  • When you select the “Reduce power after 15 minutes,” the Television will automatically go to energy-saving mode if there is no activity after 15 minutes.
  • When you choose the “Turn off after 4 hours,” the Television will be automatically turned off after four hours if there is no activity. The method is the right choice when you want to take a nap during movies or shows.
  • When you tap on the “Standby LED” option, the LED will be switch off on the front of the Television.
  • When you select the “Fast TV start” option, your Television will be restart once you use voice command from your remote control or Roku mobile application.
  • When you choose the “System restart”icon, the function will be rebooted without any manual command.

How to Turn Roku Express off 3700x?

If you have the Roku 3700X device, you can easily turn it off. You need to either disconnect the USB line or the power adapter. The procedure is look-like a resetting method; that’s why you need to re-inserted your account and other necessary information after turning on the device again.

  • If you have an AC adapter, kindly unplug the electric cord from the power supply.
  • When you switch off the Surge Protector or the Power Strip connected to your TV, the Roku Express 3700x will be automatically shut down.
  • Power will get disabled if you connect your Roku device into a Smart Power Strip after a specific time.
  • If you already connected your Roku device into a smart plug, any Amazon Echo or Smartphone is compatible with switching off the inserted in.
  • However, experts suggest avoiding turning your Roku device off since it needs regular software updates to prevent different types of errors.
  • What you can do is keeping it in sleep mode when you don’t use it instead of turning it off.


Hopefully, now you know how to turn off Roku Express as we have plenty of methods as per the device you are using. Ensure that you follow all the steps attentively without skipping any single step. Thanks for reading!

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