{100% Fixed} ShowBox not Working, Loading, Server Error Problem

Showbox not working issue is the major problem in 2021. There are many issues in Showbox Apk & error is one of them. We find the major problem which not accepted and expected to us. We have to stream on Showbox without any error problems or issues. What problems or errors we face on Showbox these are maybe like these types…

“Video not available, try another server’, ‘Server not available’, ‘Not working’, ‘Not loading’, No Connection’, Unable to Scan’, ‘Cannot play this link’ and all other error or bugs.  Here we will know how can fix all these issues properly.Showbox Not Working Solution

Why is Showbox not working

Now we will know why Showbox notify us that it is busy or can not work properly that’s mean it shows us some errors problem or unexpected issues.

Showbox server error is may cause some country issues that do not allow for this site.

It may another cause for the shortage of ram specifications on your phone. If you open the overloaded app on your smartphone or computer it may be caused and for it, you maybe see Showbox not loading.

Showbox not loading may be notified for your net speed problem. If your internet connection is not properly used or speed is so slow its problem can be shown.

Showbox for android not working to notify your outdated android version or the Showbox may be outdated. If your Showbox won’t play, you can check this problem.

Showbox stopped working! but why? Maybe it has many temporary data which clearable. They can disturb loading or Serb and collecting new data.

How to fixed Showbox Server error (Not Working)

Are you looking for how to fix server error or any budge or loading problem on your device? There is your solution. Just stay here and read then follow the fixing step and apply on your device. To solve the problem Showbox not working…

  • Download a VPN app like VPN master, or other. you may download from the list below on your Android device.
  • Select a country of your preference and connect through the VPN.
  • After the connection is securely created, open the Showbox app settings and clear the App cache data of the Showbox apk.
  • When it will be done, open again the Showbox app and you will see video loading is fine.

Note that: The VPN app may slow down your data speed so try switching to another location if facing any issues with speed.

There are two VPN, you may download for Phone

(Solved) Showbox for Android not Working

First of all, you have to Clear all App cached Data and storage. To do this…

  1. Open the settings on your Android smartphone.
  2. Find the option “Apps or Manage apps and tap on it.”
  3. Check the Showbox App.
  4. You will find two options for Clear data and Clear cache. Clear App data and cache
  5. Clear the data and cache to solve the problem.

for android oreo(8.0) or pie(9.0)

It is so simple for update version

  • Go to settings or directly on app info> then clear app data and cache.

Fix all Other Common problem reset Showbox app

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  2. Open Apps or Apps manager from settings.
  3. Check for All Apps.
  4. Tap on the menu icon.
  5. Click on ‘Reset App Preferences’.
  6. after Reset App preferences, Reboot your smartphone phone.

Update your older version of the App

If your phone is updated, I recommend you to use the latest version. The latest is perfect and not so issues in there.

Showbox ‘Server Down | Server Unavailable | Can not Play this Link’

There is no special fixing solution for the issues. Visiting huge traffic on this site or visitor the server will be down or unavailable. To more security the can no allow your location, So solve this use a VPN. It will be solved.

Use an older version of the App on your old phone

If you have an old phone or ram is not so good and the hardware also harmful or not update you have to use to solve and to get better performance you must need an old version of the Showbox app. To find an older version and download it with the install. Showbox down right now is automatic will be solved.

Try with Alternative of Showbox

If you face error till now then you should move to change this app. There are 50+ best streaming available to stream live movie or download. So pick an alternative of Showbox for your device. Here is the 30+ Alternative list of Showbox. You may check this → Showbox Alternatives

How to solve ShowBox Not Working on Windows PC

Showbox is not working on your PC windows. To solve the issues go to your Bluestacks and open it.

In there from settings go to app manager and from the Showbox app clear data and cache as like you have done your phone. You can control Bluestacks as like as your smartphone on your Windows PC. So get better result to apply the steps which are mentioned before.

The moral Solution

Having the most favorite videos streaming app and update it has many advantages and helpful features. doing enjoy it, you can suffer many error problems or other issues. To solve this you should clear all data on this app and cache data. Mostly you should use a VPN which gives you access from all countries. I hope ShowBox not Working, error, loading, connection problem will be fixed.

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