Showbox for Android 2022: Download & Install ShowBox App (Working)

Showbox for android 2021: Show Box Apk is actually a free streaming website that gives a better opportunity to visit much content and watch videos, cartoon shows, TV shows etc. In 2021 Showbox adds many features and contains the most effective and exclusive videos for entertainment to the visitor. There is good news that now available an app for the android user called Show Box.

Why people using Showbox App on Android?

Showbox app is most easier than any other alternative of Showbox. It has a very useful interface and works it easily. You can watch any kind of videos from there and you can also download from here so easily. For these advantages, people use the Showbox application on their android smartphone. If you use the update and the latest version of Showbox 2019 you will get a better experience.

Is ShowBox safe for Android SmartPhone?

Yes, in one word, it is totally saved for you and all android smartphones. Showbox is a legal web streaming site and its app “Showbox.Apk” is also legal and safe to users. So without any doubt, you can use the Showbox Apk 2020 as an updated user. At the decision, you are welcome in Showbox.Apk on android 2021.

Showbox Features for Android Device in 2021

Download Showbox for Android 2021 New Update

Showbox is available on android to stream easily with one click and gives service freely from many days ago. And in continuation of it, it has come to take the latest and new update software Showbox download for the Android 2021 update. If the question on your mind if the Showbox android app downloads for tablets and smartphones, is it really work? YES, it will do work because the file formate is “Apk”

Download Showbox from Aptoide store

It is so easy for you. Go to your chrome browser and search Aptoide Apk download. Gettings this, download it and install it.

After installing the Aptoide store, open it and search from the search bar “Showbox Apk” and install it like google play store.

How to Install the ShowBox App for AndroidHow to Install the ShowBox App for Android

Showbox is the most popular streaming app for android smartphones and windows or ios. But having the most popular for Showbox web streaming site it has no app on google play store. But no tension, taking a simple step and make a setting on your settings you can access the favorite app on your smartphone.

Follow the next step to install the Showbox Apk for Android 2019 on your android smartphone…


  • Go to the settings
  • search “unknown source”
  • Make sure the allowing of the unknown source application
  • Give check mark or allow to install an app out of google play.

Download and install:

  • To download to install, firstly click below and download the Showbox 2019 Apk four your smartphone.
  • After completing downloading go to your storage and open it
  • After open go below the right corner and click “install” to prepare to use.
  • After completion, your installation process, open it and enjoy. Now it is yours, use it as you want.

How to watch Videos using Showbox Apk?

  • At first Open Showbox application
  • Now Search TV shows or films you would like to watch FOR FREE in search box.
  • The movies are arranged according to Genre, Year, Type and IMDB rating.
  • Then Select the movie quality between 360p, 480p and 720p according to your internet speed by the internet.
  • You can download any movie you want to watch later.

Fixed: Showbox for android not working Issue 2021

Showbox for android not working 2019: the new releases Showbox for android is working and the trending section is the first section that comes up on your android device. So everything is working fine in here guys but if you’re facing an issue follow this process.

You may do this for better results. Go to your Showbox home screen and go settings then from there clear your all cache data and enjoy.

Or go to app info and clear all cached data from your device to newly continue.

If not work, you can uninstall your Showbox application and install it again.

Or, Use a VPN. I’m sure you’ll be able to fix it and before you go always make sure that you’re using a VPN. If you’re using such apps because VPN gives you complete privacy and then and only you can be sure that whatever you are doing on your device is only known to you so make sure you use a VPN you can get started with or a highly recommended VPN.

How to Download Movie from ShowBox Apk?

I’m gonna show you how you can download movies and TV shows from your show box application. Well, the show box application allows downloading but usually, it does not work so well. I have seen that most of the time it shows me waiting for peers, waiting to connect and sometimes.

I’m gonna go back to the main home screen of my device so clicking on the home button on your android smartphone.

so go your movies and now again click on the three bars on the top left corner and head over to movies, and now let’s try to download a movie.

you can see right now there is the option for watch now and there is also the option for download if you click on this download option it will download it through the Showbox application and usually this download does not work or usually it is very very slow.

Download videos faster on Showbox 2021

If you can download faster, follow my experience and given direction. So what you can do is go the main screen and find your videos. Showbox for android free movies is a good feature for android users.

Then click on watch, now so once you click on watch, it gives you an ad, close it and now you can see it gives you a pop-up with some options here so if you scroll down a little bit and you can see there are a number of options.

we are gonna use the first one which is ES downloader and guys this ES downloader and ES Media Player were installed with the ES File Explorer application and we did that at the beginning of your video and that’s how you got this option.

So you have to click on the first option which is ES downloader, click on it and now it gives you two options at the bottom and clicks on just once and right now.

You can see it gives you the download Pop up bar.

And you can see, it is showing as the size of movies or videos and it has already started to download this file.

And guys the same file if you downloaded this through the Showbox application it would have been still showing us where it’s waiting for peers or it’s you know trying to connect.

So this is way faster than downloading it.  Through the Showbox application and guys if your connection is not so good and it’s not so fast but still you can see it is going up to around 1 Mbps download speed right now you can see there is 1 Mbps speed right now.

 Apps like Showbox for Android 2021: Top 5 Alternatives

  • MovieBOx
  • Mobdro
  • MegaBox HD
  • PlayBox HD
  • CyberFlix

Wrapping Up

All the information is given step by step in the above section. All users ask any question on the comment below. Showbox 4.73 for android & Showbox Apk 4.93 is the old version so you should ignore it. And make sure to download Showbox for android 6.0 1 which is the minimum required.

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