Best 3 Real Estate Online Schools, Courses, Classes of 2022

Do you want to be a real estate agent or marketer but don’t have enough time for face-to-face classes? If you don’t know how to start a real state school online and become successful, we will give you an idea of the best real estate online schools to teach you the basics.

These schools help you make the best agent with tests and continuing education until you become a licensed real estate agent. Do you know what real estate is?

So, you also will know about the real estate company, what real state online school is, and the courses they offer. So, let’s learn about the 3 best real estate online schools in 2022 for beginners.

What is real estate?

Real estate is property, including land, building, and the air above the ground. It also includes underground land. Those who are professionals buy and sell products. The real estate agents work for particular individuals or any company in buying and selling properties.

What is a real estate online school?

For becoming a real estate agent, you need to gather enough knowledge and experience. You also need to do marketing and dealing in a real estate company. Nowadays, everything is online-based. Real estate schools arrange courses for those who want to learn online.

What courses do they offer?

Real estate online school offers various courses for agents and brokers in worldwide. In the methods, their primary services are:

  • Pre-licensure classes
  • Pro-licensed classes
  • Different educational courses
  • Provide additional resources
  • Renewing real estate license

Most of the courses are done by experienced and skilled instructors.

3 Best real estate online schools:

1. Real Estate Express:

Now real estate express is in the first position as an online platform founded in 1996.

  • Offer most affordable courses
  • Pre-licensed courses in 34 states
  • Offer different levels of education in 50 states
  • License upgrade in eight states
  • Courses including four tiers with expert instructors
  • Every instructor are available for you to email or call during your course
  • Offer 24/7 online access covering your schedule
  • Focus on your exam with Pass Guarantee
  • Live question and answer facility
  • Offer many resources like e-books, instructor supports student forum
  • Flexible and low cost with comprehensible education packages

2. Kaplan:

Kaplan is one of the leading names in real estate industry. The offers are below:

  • Offer a wide variety of online courses
  • Pass exam percentage is not so good as real estate express
  • 3 study formats as live online, on-demand video, and textbook home study
  • Bit more expensive
  • Offer highly qualified instructors to ensure your success
  • No live instructor facility but only email
  • Offer resources including study groups and practice exam
  • No money-back-guarantee offer

3. The CE Shop:

Another most renowned online school is The CE Shops. They have three unique features that other online schools don’t have. These are:

  • They offer updated career resources, including blogs, E-books, videos
  • Extended customer services hours
  • They also provide 5 days free trial.
  • General customer services support with all facilities
  • Too expensive

Besides, you can also browse ACEABLE AGENT, 36O training.

Finally, we can say, now you know all the details about 3 renowned real estate online schools. Choose your best one to build up your successful career.

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