How To Install Elysium on Firestick – Step by Step Tutorial

Uranus Kodi Add-on, a fork of Elysium, is one of the finest Add-ons in the market. Elysium has an excellent user interface, allowing users to see a wide variety of movies and TV series in the original languages. Also, users can select subtitles to understand foreign-language films.

The Add-on is compatible to use with various streaming devices, including Firestick, Navdia Shield, Amazon’s Fire TV, Shield TV, and so forth. Also, the Add-on works great with Entora, Real Debrid, and Trakt to swell your entertainment experience.

However, we forgot to mention that you need to know how to install Elysium on Firestick before enjoying this user-friendly streaming service. We are going to mention everything step by step; it will help you to understand how each function works and aid you in installing Elysium accurately. Let’s move on!

What Does Elysium Do?

Elysium is an excellent Add-on, which allows users to watch different movies, shows, and documentaries without subscribing to anything. You will discover various widespread and exclusive movies and TV shows in this Add-on in different categories. Additionally, you can watch them in high-resolution options and choose any HD option based on your ISP speed.

The best sticking point of this user-friendly Add-on is that it tracks down your watching activities like YouTube watching history, so you can go back to it and watch it again. Another thing I like about this Add-on is that it allows users to plan a TV calendar, where you can category your favorite at the top of the table. Therefore, you are less likely to miss your best-loved option.

How to Install Elysium on Firestick

Install KODI App

Before installing Elysium on Firestick, you need to install the KODI app on your Firestick; unless you install it, you can’t set up Elysium on Firestick. You can Google it by writing “how to install KODI app on Firestick” on the Google search box and follow the instruction to install it.

Setup a safe VPN

Before you begin to enjoy the service, make sure to install a trustable VPN to keep your privacy safe. Otherwise, your government and ISP may have direct access to your IP address. They might block your IP address due to visible activity. Hence, it is best to install a trustable, safe, fast-speed, and easy-to-use VPN to hide your activity.

Step-By-Step Installation Process

  • First of all, open the KODI app.
  • Click on the “setting” button.
  • Then go to “System settings” and tap on the icon.
  • Now, click on the “add-ons” icon and then select the “unknown sources” to switch it on.
  • Use your remote to get back to the previous screen and then select the “systems.”
  • Next, select the “file manager” option from the bottom line option.
  • Go through options and click the “Add source” icon from the “file manager” category.
  • Type “” URL through the Bluetooth keyword in the source box and select “OK.” There is a blank box you will notice where you can type your name or anything else you prefer, and then tap “OK.”
  • Next, go back to the primary user surface using your remote, and click the “Add-Ons” icon.
  • At the upper level of the screen, a box will appear; click on it.
  • Then, select “Install from zip file.”
  • From the source, look over the file you had included before—as, for me, it was Elysium.
  • Next, click “REPOSITORY PORTAL.”
  • Now, pick “Elysium Repo” (Zip file format).
  • After clicking on it, you will see “Elysium repository Add-on enabled” at the top of the screen on the right side.
  • Press the “Install from Repository” icon.
  • Now, click “Elysium Repository” from all repositories list.
  • Then, click the “Video Add-ons” option at the bottom of the list.
  • Tap on the “install” icon.
  • Wait for a few moments until the “Elysium Add-on installed” text appears.
  • That’s all; you have finally installed Elysium on Firestick.

How to use a Firestick with Elysium

  • First of all, you will go to the KODI app.
  • Then, go down and click on “Add-ons” to for a new screen option.
  • You will see multiple options there, including movies, TV shows, spotlight, new movies, new TV shows, TV calendar, channels, tools, search, and so forth. Tap on the option you want to see.
  • Suppose you want to watch a movie —then tap on the specific film and wait for a few seconds. It may take up to 1-2 minutes based on your internet connection speed.
  • Select a film you prefer to enjoy and tap on it. It will take a few seconds or 1-2 minutes to find the sources of the movie. After that, several options will appear on a new screen, and you can choose any of them. If one source doesn’t work for you, try other sources. If you already have the source, you don’t need to wait —it will show instantly.
  • You are enjoying the movie or any TV show you love to watch by following our step-by-step methods.

Do I need a VPN for online streaming?

Streaming every day long will make your security issue questionable. The more you want to keep your security secure, the better it is to use a safe VPN. The best part of VPN is that it allows you to access any restricted content from your country by hiding your real IP address.

Plus, sometimes you may not get the correct speed from your location —but when you use a different IP address, it gives an improved speed without jamming up in the middle of watching. What’s more, there are many piracy contents in Elysium, which is illegal according to law. Hence, when you use a VPN, you hide your personal activities to keep you secure.


Is this Elysium Add-on legal?

Installing Elysium Add-on is legal, but what you are accessing through it might be illegal due to the piracy issue.

Is it compulsory to use VPN for Elysium on Firestick?

It is not compulsory — since Elysium is a third-party app, you keep your track down activity safe using a secured VPN.

Last Words

Elysium is undoubtedly one of the most exoteric Add-ons in the market —the reason behind the tremendous popularity is that it is free. You don’t need to spend few dollars every month to watch your well-liked movies and TV shows.

Make sure to use a protected VPN to hide your access and enjoy watching everything from the rest of the world. If you face any issue with VPN, like disconnecting frequently, re-launce the app and reconnect it.

Hopefully, now you know how to install Elysium on Firestick; keep enjoying it.

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