[100% Working] Hotstar Premium Cookies for Today 2021 [Hourly Updates]

Hotstar Premium Cookies 2021: Hello Everyone, Are you looking for Hotstar Premium Cookies or Hotstar Premium Account Cookies? Are you know how to use Hotstart Cookies free on Android & PC laptops? If your answer is yes, then here are you in the right place.

Now I’m going to share 20+ Working Hotstar Premium Cookies which working well and we update these Hotstart cookies hourly. Also I am going to share 10+ Hotstar Premium Accounts free to use Premium Hotstar Account.

If you really want to Watch Live streaming and Enjoy Hotstar Premium Services without any cost. You can follow this post step by step to use Premium Hotstar Account using Hourly Update Cookies today.

Hotstar Cookies 2021

Hotstart is the best online entertainment platform like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. Hotstar is the world’s famous entertainment hub and everyone loves to use this. But this Platform is not available to use for free. So If you want to use Hotstar premium then you need to pay for it. That’s why everyone can not use Hotstar Premium Accounts to stream online.

FREE Hotstar Premium Cookies

For this reason, people want to know some way to use Hotstar free to use. I hope you are one of them.

But Don’t worry guys. If you want to use the Hotstar Premium Account free of cost then here I am going to give you Daily 20+ Working Hotstar Cookies. Which will help you to get Free Hotstar Premium Account. If you don’t know how to edit Hotstar cookies I’m also given this guide at the bottom section.

What is Hotstar Premium Cookies?

Before using these cookies, do you know What is Hotstar Cookies? I think you have not a clear concept about it. If you want to know about Hotstar cookies then first you need to know about Browser Cookies. So let’s go to know some information to gain knowledge.

According to Wikipedia, the Browser cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. I think you are clear about this. If you still not understand please avoid this section.

If you don’t know what is it after that you can use this. I’m giving the screenshot step by step that how to use Hotstar Premium Cookies free.

How Hotstar Cookies Works?

After knowing the avobe think I know what is your mind. If I don’t wrong, you are thinking about how this cookie is work? For Example When we open Hotstar Website and logged in with our Premium username and password. Then these data will be saved in that browser. Just we export these data or cookies.

If you use this data in another device then you are able to watch on that device also.

After exporting we have to Import these cookies in another browser, pc where we have to use Hotstar Premium Accounts. That’s it how does it work.

Hotstar Cookies May 2021 [Hourly Update]

So guys don’t wast more time here. I am directly going to share the Latest Hotstar premium cookies here. Here I have shared 20+ Hotstar Premium Accounts Cookies which update hourly.

All Cookies Updates today n this list. So keep in mind this website to get the next update Hotstar free cookies.


Keep mind this note before using free cookies. Otherwise, you can’t access in Hotstar Premium Account Username & Password.

  • After login in using Hotstar Cookies please do not log out from your account. Otherwise cookies will destroy then you can not use the Hotstar Premium Account till without new update cookie.
  • Don’t try to change the Hotstar Premium account username and password after login.
  • Don’t add your mobile number or email address in Hotstar Premium Account.
  • The account’s default language is English. Please do not change the language like Hindi, Tamil or more.
  • When cookies #1 will not working then try cookie #2. If cookie #2 will not working then try the next one.
  • If from the list all cookies are not working then comment below, we will update cookies early as possible.
  • If you break any rules, then you will lose your account.

Free Hotstar Accounts 2021 [100% Working]

Hotstar Premium Accounts 100% Working

Try to Login Hotstar Premium Accounts for Free of Cost. If all Hotstar Premium Account Username & Password are not working then Don’t forget to Comment Below.

How To Use Hotstar Premium Account Cookies?

Do you know how to use Hotstar premium cookies? After known how to use Premium cookies on your browser then you can use it. Without use properly this cookie, you will not able to watch anything in your Premium Account. So follow all the steps carefully & after that, you just copy cookies from below and set in your browser and enjoy.

Now I am going to tell you How to Use Hotstar Premium Cookies on Chrome & Opera browser.

Step #1: Add an Extension/Adson

First of all you need to install an extension named Editthiscookie. This Adson/Extension is available in the Chrome Store and Opera Store. That means you can use it just on Chrome & Opera browser. I am recommending you to use Chrome or Opera Browser for a better experience.

Note: Here I’m showing in the Chrome browser. The system of the Opera browser is the same.

Just open google in your browser and search for Editthiscookie Extension for Chrome OR Editthiscookie Extension for Opera. You will get 1st result on google and click on this.

For you I give the direct link to help you. So you can get this extension just click on the below link.

After click on this link now you will see a page like below. And tap on Add to Chrome (Here showing Remove form Chrome beacus I already Added this)


Step #2: Copy Cookies and Add

After installing EditThisCookie extension in your browser you can import the Premium cookies of Hotstar from the below cookies list.

But before that you need to visit Hotstar.Com and then click on [1] EditThisCookie extension in the right side top of your browser add new or edit Hotstar Cookies. Then click on [2] + (Add) icon like the below image.


Step #3: Past Copy Cookies 

After clicking on [2] Import (Add) Option you will see one empty box where you can paste your working Hotstar cookies.

After pasting cookies you have to Click on the Save button [4] like the below screenshot.


Step #4: Refresh Page

Now just you need to Refresh the Open Tab of your current browser.


Yeah…! You got the magic after the refresh. Now you’re mechanically logged in Hotstar premium account presently. Its time to enjoy your favorite TV shows and drama, cartoon, documentary etc on your Hotstar premium account.

Free Hotstar Premium Accounts Cookies 2021 (Update Today)

Here are some Free Hotstar Cookies which actually working by test us. Go and enjoy it.

Best Alternative way to use Hotstar Free Account

There are many Streaming websites available around the world like Netflix, Hulu, Chegg & more. Here we will give some alternative Free account which you can use easily. If Hotstar Premium Account or cookies will not work then you should try with alternatives. So let’s go

#1: Netflix FREE Accounts (100% Working)

Netflix is the top streaming website which is the best alternative of Hotstar. It’s also a premium like Hotstar. So if you want to use FREE Netflix Account, you should know details about this process that how to get a free Netflix account.

To get free Netflix account visit the below page.

#2: Hulu FREE Accounts (100% Working)

Hulu is another top streaming website which is the best alternative of Hotstar. It’s also a premium like Netflix & Hotstar. So if you want to use FREE Hulu Account, you should know details about this process that how to get a free Netflix account. Also you can use Hulu premium Cookies on your browser to huse Hulu for free.

To get free Hulu account visit the below page.

Final Words

I hope this blog post about Hotstar Premium Accounts and Hotstar Premium Cookies will help you to get a Premium account without any cost. Here we have published some working Hotstar cookies.

All cookies can be used to log in and enjoy Free Premium Hotstar Account.

Actually we are updating all premium cookies on an Hourly basis. To get updates earlier do not forget to bookmark this page and share it with your timelines.

If you have any Questions regarding Hotstar Premium Account Cookie then feel free to comment down below. I will definitely reply to all of your comments as soon as possible.

Thank You for reading at the end.

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