How Long Does it Take to Get Your Real Estate License?

Without a real estate license, you cannot do multiple listing services, spot new properties on the market, etc. You must get a license to save your time, effort, and money.

So, can you get a real estate license easily? How long does it take to get your real estate license? Does it take a similar time for all the states to provide licenses? All the answers are here. Check out

Why should you get the license?

The license of anything adds the confidence and strength of your business or working field. A license is compulsory to generate little income. Besides, you can also learn how to do business.

Other than that, you will get access to different deals. Moreover, building a network is necessary to be a success in any field. If you get the real estate license, you can easily contact other professionals like surveyors, appraisers, and lenders in the related field that can positively change your investing business.

How many times does it take to get a real estate license?

You need to both invest money and time to get the license. You have to join a real estate school and complete the given course participating in the entire exam.

Is it need a long time to complete all the processes? No, of course not. If you are confident and diligent, getting a real estate license can take 4-6 months. It depends on your effort and time to pass the exam.

You need to pass several courses before sitting for an online real estate school exam. On face to face class, it can take a longer time. After completing the courses, you should go for the final exam. After passing the exam, you can proceed with a real estate license.

But you will be surprised to know that the time of providing a license varies from state to state. You must fulfill the state’s education requirements, pass the real state exam, submit a license, and join any brokerage.

Does all the country take the same time to provide the license?

1.    Time to get the license in Texas:

  • You may need to complete 180 hours of real state education.
  • For submitting an application and background check, you need weeks.
  • For the exam, you may need to wait a week.

2.    Time to get the license in Florida:

  • It needs 63hours for the pre-licensing course
  • Weak students need more time to finish

After submitting your application, processing time can vary based on the volume of the application. Then, pass the real estate license exam and do 45 hours post-licensing course.

3.    Time to get the license in California:

  • You need to enroll in a 135hours pre-licensing course
  • Per individual course, it can take 6 months.

Overall, it takes around 5-6 months to take a real estate license at your home. Otherwise, it depends on your passing exam, finance, or other factors in most states.

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