Best & Easy Way to Solution Roku Vudu Error Code 28

Have you ever faced Roku Vudu error code 28, which is a problem of operation timed out?

Vudu is an on-demand video streaming service available in America and Canada. This popular service provider offers a blend of free content, including TV series and movies. They also provide premium service like buying movies from them to watch. It may cost around $5 and $25 to purchase a film; the movie price depends on the video quality and movie title.

However, every streaming service has some issues. Vudu error code 28 is one of the common problems for Vudu users. It prevents users from accessing various video contents. First, let’s see why this problem occurs and what types of issues you can see due to this issue.

Vudu Error Code 28

Why Vudu Error Code 28 occurs?

Different people face this problem for various issues, including—

  • Internet connection blocked by the firewall or antivirus
  • Misconfigured system files
  • Installing the latest version app without uninstalling the old version properly
  • Attacked by spyware, adware, viruses, or malware
  • Double NAT configuration
  • Closed/ Blocked ports

Problems Users face for Vudu Error Code 28

There are various types of problems users may face due to Vudu Error Code 28, like —

  • Slow performance
  • System crashes
  • Program lock-ups
  • Prevents users from accessing movies and TV shows

Now, we will share some easy-proven and simple methods to fix this Vudu issue. Just read on!

How to Fix Vudu Error Code 28?

Solution #1 — Switch off Windows Defender Firewall

  • Tap on the Start icon and then click on the Setting option
  • Find the Update and Security and select it
  • Choose Windows Security
  • Go to Firewall and Network Protection
  • Choose the network you are using
  • Scroll to the bottom and disable the Windows Firewall
  • Minimize the Settings function
  • Turn off any firewall or antivirus if you are using it
  • Start the Vudu app to see the condition of the problem
  • If you can use the app without any issue, you may need to add the app to the exception list

Include Vudu application to the white list

  • Go to PC Run command by pressing Windows Key + R
  • Now, write “control” on the search box and tap OK
  • Go to the System and Security
  • Select Windows Defender Firewall
  • Choose Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall from the left panel
  • Select the Change Settings option; you may need to give authorization access
  • Now find the Allow another app option from the bottom of the window and select the button
  • Select Browse option from the Add an app
  • Now, click the Vudu icon from the desktop
  • Find the Vudu installation directory and click the Vudu.exe file
  • Tap Open and select Add option
  • Ensure checking both Private and Public box after adding
  • Then choose OK and save it
  • Shut down the Control panel window

After doing all the steps correctly, turn on the Windows Defender Firewall and then launch the Vudu application. The app should work in an accurate manner if you followed everything accurately.

Solution #2 —Reset Your Internet Modem

  • Disconnect the line cord from the modem and also disconnect it from the wall outlet Ethernet.
  • Take off the batteries if the modem features any battery.
  • Keep the model stay disconnected for a few minutes from the power cable and wall outlet.
  • Now, insert the battery inside the modem and plug the line cord.
  • Leave the line cord idle for a few minutes after plugging it to finish the reset process.
  • Now launch your Vudu application to see whether it is performing smoothly after connecting to your device.
  • Make sure to reset the WIFI router too, if you are using it.

Solution #3 — Reinstall Vudu

  • Select Start from the Windows taskbar and choose Settings
  • Find the Apps option from the window
  • Select the Vudu application from the installed tap option
  • Tap on the uninstall app (Make sure to delete all the related files)
  • Select the Yes button to remove the application finally
  • Now go to Microsoft Store using your browser and search the application
  • Download the Vudu application and install it

Solution #4 — Change DNS Server Address

Sometimes Vudu doesn’t work if you failed to configure the DNS on your PC accurately. You can use Google’s default DNS addresses to solve this issue —follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Windows Run command function by pressing the Windows button + R.
  2. Write “ncpa.cpl” on the search box and select the OK option
  3. A window will appear and right-click to select the current network you are using
  4. Choose Properties option
  5. Go to the Networking tab once the new network appears
  6. Now, find the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and double-click it.
  7. Open the properties under the general tab
  8. Use the same DNS server addresses which are mentioned below
  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:
  1. After typing them correctly on the right box, make sure save the changes and select the OK option

Solution #5 — Open Ports

  • Go to the settings window by pressing “Windows” + “I”
  • Select “Update & Security”
  • Click on the Windows Security button from the left panel
  • Select the “Firewall and Network Security” option
  • Tap on Port and select the Next option
  • Select TCP and click particular local ports
  • Type or copy-paste all the port numbers listed below: “843, 13207, 13217, 13227, 13237, 13247, 13257.”
  • Choose the Next option and click Allow connection
  • Again, tap on the Next button and carefully switch on all the options
  • Select the Next button again and type a name on the box
  • Click the “Next” icon and then “Finish” after typing your preferred name
  • Now exit the windows

Now try using the Vudu application. It is best to restart your Computer PC or laptop after fixing the problem and then start enjoying movies and TV shows.


Which solution worked for you? Isn’t it too simple to follow even if you are a non-techie guy? Let us know which method seems easy for you to follow.

We have listed Top 5 practical solutions to solve Vudu error code 28. If any system doesn’t work for you, try others we have listed above. If any of them still doesn’t work for you, we will recommend you directly contact Vudu customer support. They will hear your problem first and provide you an effective solution based on it.

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