DirecTV Now Error 60 | How to Fix Streaming DirecTV to Roku

DirecTV Now has started its online streaming service in late 2016, and later they have changed the name to “AT&T TV Now.” Though the pricing plan is a little bit expensive than other streaming services, they offer many premium channels, including HBO Max.

Sometimes, users face a different type of error issue in their devices, and the DirecTV Now error 60 is one of them. Recently, users face customer profiles and various authentication issues because the company is combining their service in one common platform instead of separating authentication for different devices.

Wondering how to overcome the DirecTV Now error 60? Not worry; since you have already been on the right platform, we will help you deal with this issue efficiently with practical solutions. Let’s move on!

DirecTV Now Error 60 | How to Fix Streaming DirecTV to Roku

What causes the DirecTV Now error 60?

The DirecTV Now error 60 mainly occurs when users use a single account to log in to several devices simultaneously. According to the DirecTV Now rules and regulations, customers need to have an extra subscription if they want to use one account for more than two devices.

But many customer customers complained they are facing this issue, even though they are only log-in to one device. However, it may also occur due to technical issues or internal problems, which might be unknown to you.

How to solve the DirecTV Now error 60?

Here we are mention several solutions to deal with the DirecTV Now error 60. If one solution doesn’t work for you, please implement others. We hope one of them will surely work to rectify this issue.

Solution 1 — Restart the Application

Sometimes, the application may don’t work smoothly and show this error code due to using it continuously for several hours. That’s why close the application and restart it to confirm if the problem is still persisting or not.

Solution 2 —Restart your device

Turn off the device you are using, and unplug the power cable from the power source. Give it some rest for a while, and restart the device by plugging in the line cord. Try the DirecTV Now again.

Solution 3 —Reinstall the DirecTV Now app

If re-launching the app didn’t rectify the issue, you should uninstall the DirecTV Now app immediately and also delete its saved data from your device to start it freshly. Then, download the official DirecTV Now app from their official website and install it properly like the way you have done before.

Solution 4 —Update the DirecTV Now app

Sometimes, the application may not work in a proper manner if you use an older version of the DirecTV Now app. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have access to the latest version of the DirecTV Now application.

Open the app and verify if the new update is showing on it. If yes, you don’t mind updating the latest version. Now, check if the problem is still persisting or not.

Solution 5 —Log-in into only one device

Though you can log in to two devices simultaneously, sometimes the DirecTV Now error 60 may pop up due to a technical issue caused by the company. They mistakenly think you have logged in to more than two devices. That’s why to verify the root cause of this issue, you just simply log in to only one device and sign out from all other devices. Now, kindly check if the error code is still showing or not.

Solution 6 —Manage subscription

If you are still struggling with the matter, you may want to manage the subscription issue properly.

  • Open the DirecTV Now application.
  • Visit my channel and choose a particular one that you are watched before.
  • Now, tap on the “Manage subscription” icon from the list.
  • Then, select the “Cancel subscription” icon to turn off the subscription.
  • When you turn off the subscription, it will cancel it from all the devices you are using.
  • Now, try inserting a new password to resolve the DirecTV Now error 60.

Solution 6 —Seek help for customers service

First of all, check whether you alone only are facing the issue or your friends and family are also experiencing it. If other users are also experiencing a similar error, it may be associated with the company’s technical problem. For that, you need to wait until the service company solves the issue successfully.

If you are only facing the issue, directly contact the customer support of DirecTV Now. Tell them your problem clearly, and they will provide a realistic solution based on the issue.

Tips to avoid the DirecTV Now error 60

Keep your account details safe

As the DirecTV Now error 60 mainly occurs due to a subscription issue, you should never share your account details with someone unless he/she is trustable. When you share your account details with untrustable people, he/she might be sharing with other people, which is unknown to you. When many people try to log into the same account, the subscription company tracks the activities and prevents users from log-in.

Change your password regularly

Make sure to update your password regularly because hackers may use your device, which is unknown to you. Don’t forget to insert strong passwords which are not easy to guess.

Check out your subscription plan

Sometimes, you may think your subscription plan hasn’t expired yet, but actually, it did. That’s why make sure your subscription plan doesn’t exceed. If it does, re-subscribe to enjoy the online streaming service.

Always use a stable internet connection

Nobody can deny the necessity of a powerful internet connection. Since it is an online streaming service to watch different movies, TV shows, and TV channels, you can’t enjoy watching unless you have a stable internet connection. It might seem awkward if I tell you the DirecTV Now error 60 may occur due to poor internet signal. Right? Actually, it does. Some people who have faced this issue also shared that they have an unstable internet connection. That’s why check your internet strength and make sure it has enough speed to watch videos or movies without facing any problem smoothly.


Which solution has worked for you to deal with the DirecTV Now error 60? We have listed above several solutions; what works for you may not work for others because different users are using different devices.

The problem may even pop up due to a technical issue with your device. Whether you are using a Roku device, Amazon TV, or any other device, make sure it doesn’t have any internal problem. Otherwise, even after solving the DirecTV Now error 60, you will still can’t smoothly enjoy watching your favorite show.

Hopefully, you have finally succeeded in dealing with the DirecTV Now error 60. Thanks for reading! Enjoy watching videos!

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