Cyberflix Not Working? Here’s the 6 Easy Ways to Fix Now!

Cyberflix gained remarkable popularity in online streaming platforms with its excellent service. They offer a wide array of videos in different categories, along with various language subtitles.

Sadly, users sometimes experience an error message in their Cyberflix TV “Cyberflix not working” while watching their favorite video. Are you also experiencing this problem? You have most probably faced this issue; that’s why you might be landed on this page.

There is no need to worry; in this write-up, we will discuss some top-rate solutions to solve this error. Just read thoroughly!

Why “Cyberflix not working” error occurs?

Cyberflix Not Working

Are you wondering why this problem popped up in your device, although it was working perfectly fine a while ago? Several reasons are associated with undergoing this issue.

  • Using corrupted or old-version applications.
  • Unstable internet connection.
  • You may get blocked from accessing some video content as you didn’t hide your IP address.
  • App cache.
  • Lack of storage space on your Firestick or Android device.

How to resolve the “Cyberflix not working” problem?

The positive message is that users can solve this error by implementing different solutions. But remember, each solution may not work for your device. That’s why we suggest users to try the upcoming solutions if the current one is not working for your device.

Solution 1— Restart your device

The first and foremost effective solution is restarting your devices. Who knows whether it is the only reason behind this error? Doing a full power cycle will remove all the temporary files. For that, you will first turn off all the devices related to your Cyberflix application, including the router or modem, extenders, Computer or smartphone or Smart TV, and other auxiliary access points.

Then you will disconnect the power cable of these devices from the power source and give them a rest for a while, at least for 5-10 minutes. Then plug-in the cables again and switch on the devices to see whether the problem is still showing up.

Solution 2— Remove all the cache data

Memory error can be the main culprit if you see continuous crashing on the Cyberflix application. Auxiliary memory directly or indirectly impacts your application’s overall performance like other applications. That’s why you need to remove all the cache data related to the Cyberflix application. Follow below:

  • Navigate to the setting option
  • Choose the “Applications” section
  • Tap on the “Cyberflix”
  • Visit the Storage icon and tap on the “Clear cache” option

One thing you should remember the above procedure may vary based on the device or smart TV you are using. However, we have mentioned a standard process to fit most devices.

Solution 3— Check your internet connectivity status

Unstable or weak internet signal can be the reason behind no data error of your Cyberflix application. You can test the current status of your internet connection to ensure whether it has decent speed for smooth operation or not. Follow the below steps carefully to check your internet connection status.

  • Go to the browser URL box and type “” or “”
  • Give it sometimes until it displays the speed results
  • You will notice the website shows a particular bandwidth speed based on the package you are using.
  • If the test showed that the speed is more than 1 MBPS speed, then you have a stable internet connection.
  • If not, you need to improve your internet connections by contacting the ISP Company.

If the problem is still showing although you have high-speed internet, follow the other solutions.

Solution 4— Get the official application from the Cyberflix website

Cyberflix official application is available on any third-party websites. Most third-party websites have the latest version application so that users can get advantages with more options.  However, it is best to download from their official website to secure your usability and get the latest version application. You can go through the below discussed steps to download the official application of Cyberflix from their website.

  • Visit the Cyberflix TV website
  • Go to the homepage and tap on the “Download APK” icon
  • Wait for 3-4 minutes until the download process is completed
  • Install it on your device

Solution 5— Remove the Cyberflix APK and install it again

Have you still facing the “Cyberflix not working” problem on your device? The best thing you can do is remove the application from your device, along with all saved information about it, and re-install it.

You can go through the below discussed steps to uninstall or remove the Cyberflix APK from your device.

  • Visit the “Settings” section
  • Click on the “Manage Applications” icon under the applications section
  • Go a little bit down until you find the Cyberflix
  • Click on the application and choose the uninstall button
  • Wait for a few seconds and reboot the device

The half task is completed as you have already removed the faulty application. Now you will install the Cyberflix application again.

  • Visit the ES File Explorer from your device
  • Find out the Cyberflix app
  • Choose the “install” icon after finding the file
  • Wait for a while to let it fully get installed
  • Launch the application after successfully installing it
  • Go to the home screen and play your favorite content

Solution 6— Use a VPN to mask up your internet IP address

Another effective solution you can apply is taking help from a VPN service to hide your actual IP address. Sometimes, you may willingly or unwillingly try to access some video content, which is not allowed in your location. When you tap on particular content, you may surprisingly see the “link cannot be resolved” error.

Then, you should start using a VPN service to resolve the issue. You can use VPNs in both premium and free versions. You need to spend few dollars monthly or annually for premium VPNs. They provide better and fast service than free VPNs. However, it is better to try the free version first, then subscribe to their premium version —because you may don’t like its functions and user interference as people’s preferences vary.

After downloading and installing your preferred VPN, connect the VPN from a particular location where there is no restriction for the content you want to watch. The VPN connection may disconnect automatically after a particular time —you will need to reconnect it to hide your IP address.


Which solution worked for your device to remove the error? Is the “Cyberflix not working” error still showing up? We have mentioned numerous solutions to deal with the Cyberflix error. Make sure to follow each step properly to eliminate the issue successfully.

If you are still undergoing the Cyberflix error, you may need to get customer support. Call the Cyberflix customer care number, and explain your problem properly. They will give the best solution according to your requirements. Thanks for reading!

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