10+ Best Android Apps for AudioBooks {Update 2022}

Are you looking for the best android apps for audiobooks ?If the answer is yes then you are at the right place and read the article below.

According to Wikipedia “An audiobook (or talking book) is a recording of a book or other work being read out loud. ”

Do you want to take your audiobooks anywhere and you don’t know how? Do not miss the best android apps for audiobooks applications to listen to audiobooks with your Android.

We have been talking about the best android applications for reading books and giving free rein to your hobby of reading. However, there is a similar market: audiobooks, which can come in handy for those who want to enjoy reading but cannot focus their attention on a book.

List of Best Android Apps for Audio Books

Android is full of applications, and audiobooks are no exception to that rule: Google Play has many applications that help us in this book listening. To help you find them, today we present the best applications to listen to audiobooks, of all kinds and for all tastes.

#No1: Audible for Android

We started with a service that belongs to Amazon since 2008, and that specializes in offering exclusive audiobooks: they want to release all the power that has the word, and we can take advantage of the huge library of audiobooks that they put at our disposal. They have even been able to create more than 25,000 audiobooks themselves with their own means.

#No2: Kindle

However, and although Audible belongs to Amazon, Kindle also allows audiobook playback from its Android application, and even the latest update of the application has made it possible to control its playback from the library. If you already use Kindle, or you have an Amazon e-book reader, don’t lose anything by trying that facet of the application.

#No3: Audiobooks

If you want to start on this audiobook, but you have no idea where to start, you can try this application that makes it very simple, and that uses public domain books to have a library of more than 15,000 free audiobooks. You can check that library through its website , and even listen to streaming the books you want.

#No4: Audio Books by Audiobooks

We follow the selection of best applications to listen to audiobooks with another one that is backed by a great online service: Audiobooks.com has more than 45,000 audiobooks with all kinds of outstanding titles, and that works by a subscription model that allows us to listen to a book per month (if we want more, we will need to buy extra credits).

#No5: Audioteka

If what you want is to buy books through Google Wallet and have them available at the moment on your Android, Audioteka perfectly complies with that section: audiobook store and integrated player, in addition to having many advanced features. In any case, you can check the contents of your store before downloading the application by consulting its website.

#No6: iVoox Podcast

iVoox is an application that has a lot of content, but that promises us to find audiobooks and much more in just one virtual audiokiosk . Using the application is completely free, and has extra features such as retransmitting to Chromecast, personalized suggestions, subscription management and controls on the lock screen.

#No7: Audiobook Player

Audiobook Player is the simplest application of all those that appear in the article, but this does not stop being less useful: it is an audiobook player with no more pretensions than playing audiobooks. There are no ads, or payments within the application, or premium version: we have already told you that it is simple, but it is the perfect solution if all you are looking for is to reproduce.

#No8: Moon reader

we can use Moon Reader and our favorite voice synthesis to reproduce the books we want, without having the audiobook itself. It is not comparable to someone putting their voice to the book professionally, but it can be a good solution for many of you.

Audiobook Children’s Tales

We could not leave the little ones there are also specialized applications and audiobooks, as is the case of Children’s Tales Audiobook. It is an application which bases its operation with a large database of classic children’s audiobooks that are accessed via streaming via internet connection. It is nothing new are the usual stories, which we have all heard, told to capture the attention of the little ones, from Snow White and the seven dwarfs to The Little Mermaid, only this time it is on your mobile device or tablet.

#No9: Smart Audiobook Player

We introduce you to the innovative app called Smart Audiobook Player is one of the most customizable audiobook players  for books without DRM. It may not be the prettiest on the list but it works perfectly. This application offers us a free 30-day trial and then returns to a basic version, eliminating some features  (and that you can recover by paying).

#No10: Material Audiobook Player (Voice Audiobook Player)

We could not be left behind, so this list had an option that integrated the  Material Design . The app we recommend has the ability to remember your last position, adjust the playback speed, bookmarks and even has a sleep timer if you fall asleep frequently listening to your audiobooks. And if that were not enough, it is free and open source .


To end our list we present you Overdrive Did you know that you can borrow audiobooks at your local library in the same way as a physical book? It is possible thanks to a system called  Overdrive, which keeps track of electronic books and audiobooks in the same way that libraries keep track of physical books.

In the event that your library (more than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer OverDrive titles) has only one copy of an audiobook, you can join a waiting list to be aware of when you can borrow it. Most of the local libraries support the service.

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