How to Add friends on Apex Legends | Easy & Best Way

Respawn Entertainment presents the newest Battle Royale designated as Apex Legends- a team game better to play with friends.

However, the only game system is accessible currently, but this version also needs two teammates.

If you are a pro user of Apex Legends, you may confuse that how to add friends on apex legends?

Don’t worries follow our quick steps to get a simple solution to add friends on apex legends and enjoy the game with a friend?

What does Apex Legends mean?

Apex Legends is the latest free-to-play game- a gaming style of Battle Royale. It is accessible to download on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

More than 20 three-person teams lead on an island and try to beat other players in conflict prior to probing for supplies and weapons. Every player has to try continuous moving, not to catch outer the play area in which squad will remain alive will gain the round.

add friend on Apex Legends

How to add Friends on Apex legends?

Apex Legends needs to follow some easy steps to add friends to your gang. While beginning the game, in the lobby, your player is standing- sees ‘+’ signs on player’s instant right or left side. This sign will appear in the place of friends list. You may append friend to your gang by choosing from online or as your recorded friend in-game.

By accepting your joining request, they can add themselves to your Apex Legends Party.

How to add friends on apex legends PC?

Adding friend’s way in Apex Legends on PC to your squad is quite different. You may follow our simple steps-

  • At first, press ‘Shift + F1’ the main lobby screens.
  • A list will open, and you must choose the friends list.
  • Then on a pop-up window, the list opens.
  • Write to your friend’s name and search for your friends.
  • Attach them to your Apex Legends gang.
  • You will find them alongside in the lobby when your request will be accepted.

How to add friends on Origin?

  • To add a friend, you’ll have to open the Origin window first.
  • You will see the Friends tab, click on this tab, this will allow you the choice to add a friend.
  • By snapping it, you will find a friend’s Search page.
  • In the search bar, write your friend’s name once you find them send them a request. When they receive your invitation, their profile name will show in the list.
  • Again send them a message by opening Apex Legends.
  • If your invitation is accepted, you’ll be allowed to head directly into a lobby.

How to accept a friend request on Origin?

  • You must accomplish to notice friend requests in Origin.
  • When you onset Origin your friend requests notification must open automatically.
  • At the peak right of the Origin Client, the option may appear.
  • Please press the button Accept to give someone your assistance.

How to add friends on Pubg?

Since releasing playing PUBG with friends is not so easy but now in the mobile version. Android and iOS players can game jointly, no problem where they stay. However, first, you have to add your friend’s in-game.

Add friends:

  • Go to your Home screen
  • Click the bottom left icon of the main menu.
  • Pop up, add friends.
  • Enter the user ID name of your selected person.
  • Snap search
  • Write a short message. If you want (optional)
  • Snap send.
  • One receives the request, and then plays together!

How to accept a friend request in PUBG?

If your friend wants to add you and already has sent you a friend request in PUBG. It is essential to accept the request to play jointly.

  • From your Home screen, start PUBG Mobile.
  • Pop up the bottom left icon of the main menu.
  • Snap Request.
  • Tap accept.

How to Play With Friends?

Step #1: Visit your friend’s page.

  • Go to the Lobby Page, and from your screen, choose the Friends Page on the bottom right corner. Now you will see the list of friends of Apex Legends to play.

Step #2: Choose a friend to play with.

  • Going friends page, you will show which friends are playing Apex Legends online.
  • Highlight them.
  • Invite them to join your party.

Step #3: Make a match with your gang.

  • After successfully joining with your friend, you will be apt to start matches with your gang!

Advantage of Playing with the gang:

If you play a game with your friends, there is a chance to enhance your survivability. Also, you will find it easy to contact about positioning, critical decisions, and more!

Hence, playing with the gang will make high your point to Survival period XP by 5%. And you can rank up your level faster!

However, it is essential to mention here that you can’t enjoy cross-play as the game does not support at all. Only add your friends on a similar platform to Apex Legends gang.

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