How to add a Custom Game on Discord in 2022 (Best Way)

In this article I will go to share How to add a Custom Game on Discord

Perhaps, you must have a sense of the Discord if you love to play an online PC game.

A free app like Discord gives you different options to you like video calls, Voice chat, and interacts with other players while playing.

Hence, Discord offers you another choice like a full-fledged digital storefront to go ahead, buying a new game; add a custom game on Discord, and play.

The process of adding a custom game on Discord is so simple if you are interested in doing that, you are the perfect place. We are offering complete information through our write-up.

add Custom Game on Discord

How to add games to the discord library?

When you install a game on your computer in the Library section, the game will appear.

If you are installing Discord on your PC for the first time, you will find the games when you will launch the software first.

To check the Discord library-

  • Go to the Home tab.
  • On the Discord page in the upper left side, you will find the Home tab, snap it.
  • Once you go there, snap-on Library.
  • Games will appear in the first part of the Discord screen.

Regarding Discord Online Status Options:

Discord Online Status has four options; you may know that. Let’s check out-

Online: a green light will appear besides Avatar while you play and communicate with others.

Idle: this alternative is while you are staying far from the computer. This alternative is AFK for a short period.

Do not interrupt: after receiving any notifications, a red circle will be beside the Avatar.

Invisible: it is a smart option to show you offline, but you are using Discord.

Way of changing the Discord Custom Status manually:

Let’s see for solutions on change the Discord Custom Status manually.

With the auto-detect system, Discord can recognize your games on the computer. For example, while playing Minecraft, the Discord will spontaneously identify and beside your Avatar show “Playing Minecraft.”

If you play verified games only then, Discord will express messages. However, for unverified games, there is a way to change Discord custom game status.

  • First, in the background, run the unverified game.
  • Open the Discord and the User Settings also.
  • Tap on games on the left menu and adjust it on the right edge.
  • Then you can add any games from the list.
  • Finally, write whatsoever you intend to keep as status.

Follow the above step to get any custom status you like. The condition will change when you close your game.

Discord how to hide what game you’re playing:

You can’t control the verified games, but you can change the Discord effective way for such cases. You manually change the running app in the Task Manager.

Now you can add any process, and by stopping your playing game, let Discord to display.

Notepad ++ is a very mobile app to hide what game you’re playing or change the verified name game.

For example, if you are doing league of legends to hide your online presence unlock an unverified game, Discord will look it up and will change the name.

However, there is no certainty that this method will work. But you can try it to check for yourself. Hence, discord game status is great fun, and the verified game is an exciting way to do a set.

How to show your playing game name on Discord mobile:

You can do this on mobile following two ways-

  • You are keeping your own “Custom Status.”
  • Use the User Settings > Game Activity.

Custom status:

You can choose whatever a brief message or not Custom Status allows you the option.  If you want to do, that follows our instructions given below. You can write anything you feel important like “I’m playing _____.”

Using the mobile app:

  • Go to online status options.
  • Tap “Set Custom Status.”
  • Now you can write any status you wish.

Game activity:

The mobile app allows you extra choice to update your Game Activity like turning on/off the Game Activity. From desktop application or mobile device you can update Game Activity

Mobile Device:

  • Go to the user setting option.
  • Click on the “Game Activity” tab.
  • You can turn them off or on the switch of your activity.

Desktop Application:

Discord desktop version will show which game you’re playing. As in the framework of your PC, it’s exposed.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Add Xbox below the ‘Connections’ tab.

Your recent game will combine here.

If you can’t see a game activity option:

If you can’t see the “Game Activity” option in the Discord Settings, we’ve some instructions for you!

You’ve to download Discord application that is accessible on Android, iOS, or Windows as log into Discord on Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer won’t show the option in Discord’s settings.

  • Once the download is finished.
  • To install the application note guidance of your operating systems.
  • Give your Discord Username and Password when you are asked.

Follow the above-listed steps to change your game status in Discord.

Undoubtedly for the gamer and non-gamer Discord is an epic application. This is a traditional messaging app with a more powerful VoIP and strong chat base. Discord is definitely for you if you are looking for a smooth and reliable messaging app. This app is widely available at a reasonably low price that allows video calls as well as robust chat options.

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